What Are The Parts Of Narrative Report?


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The introduction, knowledge/learning acquired, observation, and recommendations/suggestions are main parts of a narrative report.

  • Introduction
The introduction needs to provide a short paragraph on the report topic. If you are writing an end of college course narrative report, you may discuss when you started and what you learned for your introduction. This first section always needs a thesis-like statement to show what the rest of the paper will talk about. Since it is a narrative paper it will be about you in a narrative form.

  • Knowledge or Learning Acquired
In this section, it is a narrative of what you have learned during the time that the report is discussing. You may talk about anything that you learned, as long as it presents a good example of what has occurred in a nonfiction format for the narrative.

  • Observations
This section is like any other report that you might come across. You will need to include things that happened such as what you may have learned through observation. This can be short or long, depending on how much you need to say in order to recount your observations. Often the subject of the paper is based on another person that you observed and learned from.

  • Recommendations
In this section you are focusing on concluding what has been stated in the other sections. It can also be used as a way to determine how an activity you may have participated in could have been better, in order for the speaker to also learn. For example, if the narrative report refers to what you learned during a seminar, you may suggest handouts if there were none or other changes to improve your learning experience.
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The main parts should include an executive summary, a description of the project or activity, and a recommendation. If you type the words 'narrative report parts' in a search engine you will see several links on the results page including examples of different narrative reports that you can use as the basis for your own report.
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Koda (beginning)

Scenario (the problem)

resolution (how the story was solved)

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