How To Begin With Introduction In Narrative Report?


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  • How to write a narrative report
An introduction to a narrative report should basically introduce what your report is about. It does not need to be particularly long but you do need to explain what you will be doing or what you will be analyzing or assessing. You should begin by giving a brief introduction into the particular area you are looking into and what it was that made you decide to pick your topic. It may have a long standing interest in the topic or there may have been a gap in research and it does not cover this particular area you are looking into.

You do not need to give too much information in your introduction as you may find that you end up repeating yourself later in your report. You may need to edit your introduction once your report is finished to ensure there is no repetition.

  • What is a narrative report?
A narrative report is similar to a regular report with the exception that it is slightly less formal and concentrates more on your opinions. You are essentially narrating your report from your point of view so it has a more personal tone that is often much more suitable for the topic of the report. Whilst in school, students are often asked to write narrative reports on books they have read. Students are given the opportunity to give their personal opinions without the worry of writing what they believe to be correct. It is important to be able to develop opinions and express them in an intelligent and comprehensive manner and this can often be an enjoyable project for students. Narrative reports often do not need to deal with the specific detailed analysis that a normal report will require a student to analyze.

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