Introduction in restaurant in narrative report?


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Writing a narrative report is less formal than an essay which gives you the opportunity to express yourself and show some creativity and personality. They are usually written in the first person using 'I' which can give the report an informal feel but truly projects your thoughts on the topic. The introduction to any narrative report should generally outline what the rest of the report will contain. There should be 2-3 paragraphs with one paragraph outlining the report and the other outlining the restaurant. Include all the basic information about the restaurant such as the name, where it is situated, and what kind of food is served, if it has any special ratings or awards or if it is well known for a particular dish.

Narrative reports will usually be used to describe something and if it is a restaurant you are writing your report on, you should begin by thoroughly researching the restaurant. Begin by eating a meal there as a customer and write down your thoughts on everything from the food to the service, the cleanliness, the quality, the price, the atmosphere, the decoration, the other customers and your general opinion of the establishment. You could then return to the restaurant and explain your project and the purpose of your report to the manager who may give you a tour around the kitchens and restaurant and explain more about the establishment.

If you are lucky enough to have this opportunity you should plan some questions before hand to ensure you make the most of your time with the manager and get all the information you want. Make a plan of your report to see what information you need so you can plan your questions accordingly. If you have a word limit to your narrative report, focus on a specific aspect of the restaurant. Choose something which interests you as this will shine through in your writing and will result in a more interesting report.

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