What are the importance of philippine Narratives?


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There are many reasons why studying narratives is important, whether the person is Filipino or not as many benefits can be gained. Below is an outlined explanation of what the advantages are to studying Filipino narratives.

  • If you are Filipino.
If you come from the Philippines then one of the major reasons why you should study Filipino narratives is because it will be a huge part of your heritage. Filipino students should want to study and look into their history and culture because your ancestors have great stories to tell about your country. It is important that the generations alive today are able to understand what they did and fully appreciate it.

Another reason is that narratives from the Philippines are extremely interesting as well as culturally informative and gripping. Even if it is not essential to study them, it can still be enjoyable to do so.

  • If you are not Filipino.
Even if you were not born in the Philippines then there are still a number of reasons why a person would wish to study Filipino narratives. Learning about other cultures is incredibly insightful and interesting and it provides you with an insight into the lives of other people.

By learning about other cultures and their history you can understand how cultures have been influenced by each other, and how they continue to do so today.

  • Studying narratives in the future.
Learning about other cultures through their narratives will help to preserve their culture and traditions so that future generations will be able to learn about them and enjoy what they read.

If people in the past had not studied these narratives themselves, then cultural writings may have disappeared. So it is very important to study these narratives and keep them alive so that traditions can be continued on for future generations to enjoy. By getting involved with studying cultural writings you will become part of an important team that fights to keep these writings available for the future.

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