What Are The Elements And Feature Of A Narrative?


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The word 'narrative' originates from the Latin word 'narrare' which means 'to recount'. Generally speaking, a narrative can be classed as something which tells a story and can be either fiction or non-fiction. It can be for the purpose to entertain, to inform, to carry a moral meaning, to reveal emotions or the original meaning, to recount an event. The following can be classed as narratives:
- A piece or writing such as a typical 'story' which is often synonymous with 'narrative'
- A speech
- A television program
- A theater production
- A song
- A film
- A poem
- A video game
- Photography
Narrative is classed as a rhetorical mode of discourse whereby one person communicates with another. Narratives often follow events from beginning to end so, although not explicitly, they will often have a beginning, a middle and an end. The sequence of events may not be presented in this traditional order and it may be possible that the end is presented before the beginning to build suspense and create drama. A narrative may be told by the person who is directly involved in the action or it could be narrated by a third party who is apparently unconnected to the events.
Narratives can vary so much that it is difficult to say what the elements and features are but there are some basics which are often thought to lead to a successful narrative in most cultures. These include:
- Identifiable structure such as a beginning, a middle and an end.
- A climax
- Gradual development throughout the narrative
- Exciting incidences
- Well constructed plot lines
- Aspects that look back on the past, describe the present and look forward to the future
- Characters and characterization
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A narrative is something that you narrate, that is that you
recount. It can be in the form of a spoken or a written account of connected
events. There is a setting, characters and a plot involved. You might understand
it better if you compare it to others. For instance, in descriptive essay will
describe something specific.

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