What Are Th Characteristics Of A Narrative Essay?


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Characteristics of a narrative are
-a beginning, middle, and end
-point of view
-and ofcourse...the theme
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A narrative essay has to follow a number of rules which means that we are not free to hose any structure in brief:
2-organising ideas into categories.
3-to write down the most important ideas.
4-to make sure that we do not deviate from the topic.
5-to use very simple sentences.
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The narrative essays are written in chronological order. The basic purpose of the narrative essay is to share a personal experience that a reader and students can identify with or learn from for the buy an essay. The characteristics of a narrative essay include use of literary techniques, characters as well setting,  chronology with a moral to the story.

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When writing a narrative essay, the "showing, not
telling" rule has to be followed
when describing each character. You should compose it in a chronological
order, and you may use humour,
monologues and suspense to increase the reader’s interest. You may even utilise figurative language,
such as metaphors and similes.

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