What Are The Characteristic Of An Expository Essay?


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Following are the Characteristics Of An Expository Essay:
- It consists of five paragraphs
- Gives information
- Uses facts and statistical information
- It has a distinct format
- The first paragraph has the statement of the essay and its definition
- The coming paragraphs have distinct controlling topics
- It must also have the conclusion paragraph.
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Expository essays are those which use facts for explaining something and opinions are preferably not expressed. Usually the essays that are expository describe the method for doing something. These essays can also be used for analyzing ideas or objects or some other thing. Expository essays also describe historical events and processes. So any account that provides descriptions on the basis of the real facts rather than personal opinion is an expository essay.
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1.Essays that described how to do something.
2.Essays that analyze events, ideas, objects, or written works.
3.Essays that describe a process.
4.Essays that explain/describe an historical event.
5.Contains stages.
6.Usually written in present tense.
7.Have directions.
These are some of the characteristics of expository essay.
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There armany waysto put in writingassociate essay. However, the quality essay type follows constant basic patterns as mentionedduring this 'how to'. Most essays take a repetitive typegenerallycalled the "hamburger essay". What this implies is that the introductory and last paragraphs arterribly similar, whereas the foremostnecessaryinfo is found within the body of the essay. consider a hamburger: The buns cowlthe highestand therefore the bottom - the introduction and conclusion - and supplya pleasant covering for the foremostnecessarya part of the meal the burger.

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Expository essays using the cause/effect organization are characterized by words such as because, if . . . Then, and therefore. The author should try to state a cause and directly link it to its effect to show how events are related to each other. Otherwise you can approach a writing service. 

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Those are main characteristics:

1. Good paragraph organization

2. Thorough (complete) development of ideas

3. Control of language usage

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Present the facts only.
Keep focused.
Compare and contrast.
Determine the causes and effects.
Give a definition.
Find a solution.
Stick to the five-paragraph structure.
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