What Is An Expository Essay?


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I taught College English for over 25 years and as simply as I can put it: An expository essay "exposes" your ideas/thoughts/opinions on some issue and explains why you hold that opinion. An informative essay could just give information on a person or event, etc. But when the essay is expository, you must think about the issue, take a side or point of view, then show your logical reasons for holding that particular point of view.
  The usual model is to try to think of at least 3 reasons for holding that particular view (hint: If you can't think of 3 logical reasons (not emotional) you don't have an opinion, you have a feeling.  Opinions are based on facts, not on gut instincts or even strong feelings that you may have (or because your parents or someone else holds that opinion). You'd be surprised how many opinions we all have that are not really opinions at all, but just feelings that we have.
  You should have an introductory paragraph, at least 3 body paragraphs, one explaining each reason, and a concluding paragraph (unless your instructor has put some limit on you).
 Good Luck!

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