Why Do We Need To Study Philippine History?


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It is important to study Philippine history in order to understand how the region and its people have developed into what they are today and how they have had an impact across the world.

The history of the Philippines gives an insight into the modern Philippines and is studied so that this development and change can be understood. Dating back approximately 30,000 years the history of the Philippines is long and complex.

  • Ancient Philippines
The history of the Philippines is believed to date back to when humans first arrived, via land bridges, over 30,000 years ago. However, the first recorded landing from the west occurred in 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan. Before this arrival, Negrito tribes roamed the islands. Later on, however, they were supplanted by Austronesians. The basic divisions of these groups eventually grew into kingdoms.

  • Spanish Settlement
1565 saw the arrival of a Spanish expedition. The first Spanish settlement, San Miguel, was established and the expedition moved north. A new town was established and began the Spanish colonization that lasted for over three centuries. The Spanish rule brought with it infrastructure, crops, livestock as well as schools, a university and hospitals.

  • Philippine Revolution
Later, in 1896 the Philippines began their revolution against the Spanish. This revolution was unsuccessful until they acquired help from the United States. The United States military provided the support they needed to hunt down and capture Manila, the Spanish leader.

Civil government was inaugurated in 1901 and a Philippine Assembly was elected. The Philippines was granted Commonwealth status in 1935 and the Philippine Republic became an independent nation after World War II.

  • Modern Philippines
Currently, the Philippines is undergoing a rapid economic growth. The shift from an agricultural economy to an industrialized economy has led to researchers suggesting that by 2050, the Philippines will have the 14th largest economy in the world.

The study of Philippines history allows us to build up our knowledge about how this nation has developed over time.

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