Why Do We Need To Study Asian Civilization, History And Culture?


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Asia is a very big continent, with a wealth of history and culture. Studying its past is important because it is relevant to all of us in one way or another.

Asian civilization, history and culture
As far as human civilization goes, there is no continent on earth that is more relevant than Asia.

The earliest civilizations on the planet emerged between the Euphrates and Tigris river (in what is modern-day Iraq).

Also, a lot of the the scientific and mathematical knowledge that we have nowadays comes from Asia.

Why should we study about Asia?
If you look at the countries that form the Asian continent, they are as diverse and fascinating as you can get.

The continent includes giant nations like China, India and Turkey - and is home to historically-rich countries like Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

The Middle East is an area rich in culture and natural resources, and is the theological homeland for all three of the world's largest religions, which are found in this area. In fact, Asia is the birthplace of most of the world's religious and philosophical thought.

As far as culture is concerned, there is nowhere more fascinating and diverse on earth. From the mountain-tops of Tibet to the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, Asia is home to a host of really important cultures.
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Because we're part of Asia, and it is important for us to study it because maybe someday we will need it for a better reason.
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First, because we're Asians!
Secondly, Asia is called the 'cradle of civilization'.

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