Can You State The Reason Why We Need To Study Philippine Literature?


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Philippine literature consists of the legends of prehistory as well as the colonial legacy of the Philippines. It is written in both Indigenous and Hispanic. It is also written in English and Spanish as well as Philippine. Studying Philippine Literature is important for cultural studies; giving people knowledge of the country as well as its culture and traditions. It allows both natives and anyone else to understand Philippine history, just as the literature of any country, does the same.

Studying literature in general is important to do various things, no matter what country the literature if from. For example:

• It gives moral values, and teaches the difference between what is right and what is wrong, as well as changing a person's attitudes for the better.
• It can be inspiring for a person, and help them on a pathway in how to live their lives to the fullest potential.
• It gives the reader historical knowledge to help people understand they state of their country at that particular time the literature as written. It gives an insight into the world around us through the writer's eyes rather than our own.
• It introduces its readers to new ideas and information they may not have known before, as well as making them proud to be a part of that heritage.

These stories can be explored, analyzed and discussed either in the classroom or among friends, as people may have different understandings of them, but none can be proved wrong.

An example of a piece of well-known Philippine literature is 'Doctrina Christiana' which was the first book ever printed book in the Philippines. Notable Philippine authors are Carlos Angeles, Amador Daguio, Linda Ty Casper, Francisco Arcellana and many more. Each of these authors has helped shape the Philippine way of life and the individual's understandings of their country's history.
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like other races of the world, we need to understand that we have a great and noble tradition which can serve as the means to assimilate  other cultures.

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Maybe it is just to preserve it and make it common to filipinos today.
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Studying in Philippine literature is very important, in order for us to pursuit an ideal personality. Help us to grow, shape our values and dealing life experience. It is not just enable to know those Philippine writer whom contributed on it. But also to help somebody to mold his/her life. To make a progress which is relevant in each of us. In making, our principles in life. To have a good values which is very useful in walking in our daily life.

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Everyone has a home and a cultural history. In the Phillipines, literature complements a succession of cultures, colonizers, and eventual independence. Someone who graduates with a well-rounded knowledge of their country's history and traditions would make a more loyal citizen.
The same applies to the need to know literary tradition for anyone's country; or of someone else's if you are seeking to broaden your horizons.

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