Why We Need To Study Narrative?


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It can be argued that it is crucial that we study narrative as this is the fundamentals of any story or text. It drives the story forward and keeps everything together.

The main reasons to study narrative are as follows:

· It is the backbone of the story

Without a narrative it would be extremely difficult for a book to flow as freely. Therefore studying the narrative of the book really helps to analysis the whole structure of the story.

· To determine what type of narrative it is

It is useful to study if the narrative is forceful or delicate, or if it comes and goes or is it prominent throughout. This should shed some light on how the author wished for the story to be played out as the narrative can be seen as being the puppet master to the whole performance.

· To work out the underlying message

Although there are usually several themes and major incidents in a novel, you will usually find a common thread throughout the book. This is usually provided by the structure of the narrative. Therefore studying this closely should help reveal what message is being projected throughout and why you believe they have chosen to present it in such a way.

Narrative can both hold a story together and also lead it. To really understand a book you need to first understand the narrative. Studying the narrative is one of the most important aspects of a book review or academic essay and so plenty of time should be spent really dissecting just how it has all been put together.
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Narrative is essential to the way humans see the world. We all perceive the world in stories - we give meaning and sequence to the events around us all the time. We need to study narrative in order to understand how to shape and analyse our lives and the events of our times, and to know how events may be presented to us by others.
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It is benefit for our Eloquence.

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