What Do You Know About The Significance Of International Relations Study?


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In the present day inter-dependent world the study of International relations has great significance. It enables us to understand the basic motives underlying the policies of various countries in the international sphere and the reasons which contribute to their ultimate success or failure. The study also enables us to have an insight in to the problems facing the world and to face them boldly and confidently.

The study of international relations is also helpful in bringing home the point that narrow nationalism is the bane of humanity and poses a serious threat to world peace. It teaches us that so long the various nations try to view the problems subjectively and give precedence to national interest over all other considerations, conflicts are bound to arise. If world peace is genuinely desired an objective outlook is highly necessary. Thirdly, the study of international relations demonstrates that the traditional concept of national sovereignty has become outmoded in modern times and needs modifications. No state in modern times can claim full authority to act as it likes and has to operate within several constraints inherent in the present international order. The acceptance of the principles of collective security and disarmament is a clear indication of this change.

Finally, the study of international relations has greatly contributed to the strengthening of feeling among the member states that they must try to conduct their relations along peaceful lines and avoid military pacts and alliances.
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