Why Do Students Fail In Their Examinations?


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Students fail their exams for so many reasons, but I will have to mention few of them like "not reading." There are so many people that believe that they don't have to read before the exam time because they believe that they do not have to read because they will always help and on the'd' day they will not get help any where. Most of the people marking the answer sheet can easily mark wrong because they themselves do not what they are doing and at other times, you have to feed them good money. In Nigeria, this is called 'sorting'. If you do not give them specific amount asked by you, it is the end. You are a failure. Thus, we see the reasons for failure in examinations are last minute preparations, lack of reading and markers asking for bribe.
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As you know hard work is a key to success so every one should work hard to achieve his goals and purposes. If we don't adopt this golden rule in our life we can't achieve our goals and we shall have to lead a life of failure. So far your question that why students fail in the examination, many reasons can be told in this connection.
First of all students take too much interest in other activities than their studies. Those activities spoil their time as well as their character and in return they fail in the examinations. Those activities are games, useless wandering, and computer activities, passing time in restaurant and useless places and many others. Though some of these activities are essential and useful for the students if they are used and utilized properly. But most of the students take keen interest in these activities and forget their studies and in return fail in the examination. So far the solution of this question is concerned, I would like to advise the students to give proper time to their studies along with these activities, so that they could succeed in every walk of life and become a successful man for their family as well as for the nation.

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