Should Examinations Be Replaced With Other Forms Of Assessment?


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Of course not, examinations are important to measure students standards.
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I say yes it should be changed due to the fact not all students are smart. Exams cause stress and make the kids lose sleep and they worry about failing so I say they should change it to something like essays/projects/quiz. Mostly the parents that say no it shouldnt are the ones that have a child thats smart and (not to be mean) "perfect" but they don't think of other kids who may be struggling in school. Yes it may be the students fault but most its because of problems mainly at home.
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One must wonder the purpose of assessment. It seems to be to separate people one from another, declaring some "smart" or "gifted" and others "dumb" or "inferior" in some way, destined to be marginalized. This purpose is in complete contradiction of the notion that each person is a unique and special individual, a living image of the Most High.

Examinations have no legitimate purpose.

Some of the people who have made the most brilliant contributions to society have been failures when judged by traditional methods of examination.

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