Do Exams Give A Real Indication Of Ability?


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No, because the students can memorize it all the night before and then forget everything in one year.  Exams are useless and what if you blank out?? What then?? That's not fair!
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No they don't  Some people are extremely smart but don't do well on examinations. It's hard for some people to put their knowledge on paper. A great many do much better on oral tests,they can express themselves much better in words than on paper.  I was in a class years ago with a friend. When it came to examinations he was a whiz, got all the answers right and got a good grade.  However when we both left school and worked for the same employer he was a dope. He couldn't put his education into practical use. So exams are just one part of an education and give educators clues on whether or not you are learning at a good rate, but they are not the definitive level of your absorption of study materials. However they are a necessary evil.
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No, exams don't give a real indication of ability as people get nervous, and have mental blanks!
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One's TRUE ability comes within. Not from exams.
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Not really.
Student just memorize and just write what they mug-up. So skill based exams tat is the 1 we get in cbse is the best.
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They show some of your mental capacity but not all.some people do better when they tie action with their mental capacity. In other words you can be book smart but if you can't apply the lesson to the real world it does not make a whole lot of difference.sort of like a book stuck on a shelf and no one knows what it I know how a engine works but if I can't make one/repair one then the idea of a engine is useless until it can be put into a real world application such as a car.
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I partially agree with you, sometimes we tend to forget in the examination hall. Then you cannot judge what you have been thought all through year right.
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They can only give SOME idea of ability.
Someone can be very able and still blow a test.
Give me any kind of a test and you'll
be lucky if I spell my name correctly.
(you should have seen me take my driver's test.
Mmmm...on second thought---)
Some people have no problems with exams,
people like me have some big ones.
Like I said, tests tell only part of what
one can do and can't do.
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I don't think so. It is a some sort of temporary arrangement of education system the world over we have.

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