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Rajan Vishwakarma , USMLE Visa: Requirements of getting H1 B Visa for IMGs and FMGs, answered

Every IMGS and FMGs must apply for a state
license in the state/s they intend to practice. The initial State Licensure
requirements will vary depending on the state and will require the applicants
to have completed step 3 either before or during the 1-3 year residency
training in the US.

International Medical Graduates who wish to
enter the US for Residency training/graduate medical education must obtain a
visa that permits clinical training. IMGs who do not hold a legal status in the
US usually apply for a J-1 or H1B visa for residency training.

H-1 B Temporary Worker The H-1B visa is for
temporary workers in specialty occupations who hold professional degrees. The
H-1B visa has been extended to IMGs for residency training in the US. The
individual must be able to meet all the specified criteria which includes
appropriate authorization by the concerned state medical board, ECMFG
certification and should have passed the USMLE Step 3 exam. The advantage of
the H-1B visa that it does not have the two-year home residency requirement as
the J-1 visa.

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90 dollar

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