so i have a school project and i need a topic for "The importance of technology for human health and living conditions" and the topic need three subjects physics, geography and biology. plz help :3?


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Dear Youssef Talbi,

Why don't you consider THE GREEN REVOLUTION as your topic?

This set of initiatives increased agricultural production worldwide, and is credited with saving the lives of one billion people from starvation.           Norman Borlaug, who led implementation of the initiatives, received the Nobel Peace Prize for 1970.

* * *

But the aftereffects of the Green Revolution have been devastating...       Much controversy, a potentially fruitful topic for your school project.

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How about the battle against AIDS in Africa.

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THAT is an outstanding fact Youssef Talbi, the struggle for health care generally in Africa is heart-rending...just very simple medicines when/if they are brought in can save lives from horrendous diseases but easily curable with proper medical care.
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It's a tragedy, Virginia.
Virginia Lou
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yes truly so
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Then I suggest you "crack the books" and start working on it.

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