A Box Contains Five Blue Eight Green And Three Yellow Marbles If A Marble Is Selected At Random, What Is The Probability That It Is Yellow?


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The answer is a probability of 0.1875 or 18.75%.
  • To calculate the probability you need to know the correct formula.
You should take the number of ways you can pick a yellow marble and divide by the total number of marbles in the box.
There are three yellow marbles and there are 16 marbles in total. Therefore you would take three divided by 16 to get the answer. This is 0.1875. If you multiply 0.1875 by 100 to get the percentage you will find that there is an 18.75% chance that you will get a yellow marble out of the box when selecting at random.
  • If you want to know the probability of gaining a blue marble it is 0.3125 or 31.25%.
Using the same calculation you can replace the three with a five since there are five blue marbles. If you divide by 16 you get 0.3125 and thus you have a probability of 31.25% in getting a blue marble. Since there are more blue marbles it makes sense that the percentage of getting a blue marble is higher.
  • There are eight green marbles. This means you can do the probability calculation in your head because there are 16 marbles total. The answer is 0.5 or 50%.
There is a 50% chance of getting a green marble as this is the highest number of marbles in the box and the fact that the green marbles total half of the marbles in the box. With probabilities there is always a total of 100% so the 18.75%, 31.25% and 50%  add up to 100%. This is one way to check the answers you got during the calculation.
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3/(5+8+3) = 3/16

The probability of drawing one of 3 yellow marbles from a box of 16 marbles is 3/16.
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A box contain four red marbles, seven white marbles, and five blue marbles. If one is drawn at random, find the probability that a blue marble is drawn.

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