What Does .01 Mean In Mathematical Terms?


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Draw a line below the .01. Then under the point put a one and then add a zero for each other number. You end up looking at a fraction. This fraction reads as one over 100. A one hundredth. So .01  is the same as one hundredth or one percent. So .01 of 100 dollars would  equal one dollar.
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An example for a mean is like these: Lets say you have these numbers; 4+6+3+8+9=?
The total is 30. Then the second step is; you have to devide 30/5. Why? Because you count how many number of equation you have and it is 5. Then with that number devide it by 30, and then you get your answer wich is 6. So all of that steps is call the mean.

I hope these example help you, good luck!

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