What Does Algebra In Mathematics Stand For?


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Algebra is the branch of mathematics which involves the study of structure, relation and quantity. The name is derived from the title of the book Al Kitab Al Jabr wa Al Muqabala, which means the Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing. This book was written by the Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi (circa 780 to circa 850). Algebra attempt to solve problems related to linear and quadratic equations. Elementary algebra is taught in secondary schools.

Algebra provides students with an idea about the basic concepts of mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the concept of variables (x and y are commonly used as variables in algebraic equations), the definition of polynomials, the theory of sets, the factorisation of numbers and the determination of the roots of numbers. While algebra is a highly specialised and advanced branch of mathematics, elementary algebra is the part of the subject that is taught to students at school.
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It is a alternative way of expressing equation, using letters in doing so. You used it to solve unknown values and prove unknown equations.

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