What Does Quotient Mean?


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The quotient is the answer to a division problem
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A quotient is the result of a division sentence.

50 divided by 10 = 5   (5 is the quotient)
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In mathematical terms, a quotient is referred to as the final solution of a division problem. For instance, for the problem 12 / 2, the quotient would be 6. Here, the number 12 would be referred to as the dividend, and the number two would be called as the divisor. The quotient can also be conveyed as how many times the dividend is divided by the divisor.

A quotient may also refer to only the integral component of the solution of dividing two integers. For instance, the quotient of 17 / 3 would be 5 whereas the remainder would be 2.

In more complex mathematics, the term quotient is also used for sets or algebraic systems.

In calculus, the quotient rule is a process to find out derivatives.
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Quotient is the remainder of a division problem

example : 81 divided by= 9 ( 9 is the quotient )
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In simple term, it is a division problem, as you learn firstly in algerbra1 like, the quotient of a number n and 6. :d

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