What can you do to understand math better?


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I love this question because it used to apply to me.  I used to have problems with math because I never applied myself to it, could not concentrate on it, did not understand its specific used.

Understanding of math and how it could be used is probably one of the biggest faults that an instructor does while teaching it. If you do not know what or how it can be used you will end up asking yourself why learn it. So if you get it a place in math  that you do not understand where it can be used in life ASK!

Asking where it can be used will help increase you concentration toward the particular math subject and help with understanding of math. Another way to increase concentration is just focus on it and it only. No music, no food, no phone, no tv ...  And force yourself to sit in one spot and apply yourself to the math. The more you apply yourself the easier it will become and the greater understand you will have. If you get homes work and only 5 questions are given out of ten do the ten after you finish those try write out a few questions of your own and provide an answer for them.

Math is not all +, -, /, * if you get into discrete math you will meet many other symbol and theories. I assure you I was in the same boat as you are but I managed to get off that boat and the sooner you apply yourself to math the easier it will become in the future but without understanding it math has little understanding  and will become much harder in future. I never  finished grade 12 algebra because i was a fail at it back in my high school days. I now have a math avg of 85% which includes algebra, trig, and discrete math.
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Most maths revolve around +, -, divide and x. Mastering using these symbols correctly and efficiently gives one the confidence to confront many maths problems as long as basic maths logic is followed.

Understanding concepts is the key to being  good at maths.In a way, this means asking why particular methods/techniques are applied when solving particular problems . Practising will give you the chance to experiment with different techniques and sort of 'see' for yourself 'how it works'. 

I would be interested to know your age and whether u study maths for school or work or other. For starters, I would say, know yo 'times tables' and how they relate to division and addition. You will discover the power behind the mental ability  to know and recognise results from times tables in as just the same way as we learn people's names or recite their phone numbers!
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I'm fourteen, and i just don't underdstand math ! I understand all other subjects, especially english, but i can never get math or remember the problems.
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Try to Figure Out Or Create Short Cuts that You understand Thats what I do and I do Pretty Good in Math
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Shalya jay you need isolation and concentration to understand math better
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What Lexy Love said.  Just remember to always show your work, it helps you to remember your own shortcuts and you'll rarely have to explain your answer to the teacher, unless you get it wrong, then (s)he'll really want to know.
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The only way to become good at math is practising many problems as you can and not forgetting your techniques to solving the problems. If you forget the techniques, you are wasting your time! Math take time and can not be learnt over night!

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