Is 5/8 Greater Or Less Than 5/12?


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G'day Ramrod,

Thank you for your question.

It is greater than. 5/8 is five out of eight or more than half. 5/12 is 5 out of 12 or less than half.

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5/8 is greater.
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Two ways of finding out for sure. Easy to tell you whether  5/8 is greater or smaller than 5/12 but you need to be able to tell the teacher how you came to that conclusion.

Either convert them to decimals. 5/8 = 0.625 and 5/12 = 0.416666 recurring.
Which is larger? 0.625, so 5/8 is greater than 5/12.

The other way is to give the fractions a common denominator (the bottom number on each fraction).  Both 8 and 12 go nicely into 24, so make 24 the common denominator. Now convert the top number to correspond.

5/8 is the same as 15/24.  Bottom number 8 goes into 24 three times, so multiply the top number 5 by three (15)
5/12 is the same as 10/24.  Bottom number 12 goes into 24, two times. Now multiply the top number 5 by two (10)

So now you have 15/24 and 10/24.   It's easy now to see that the first fraction is larger than the second fraction.

Fun eh !   :)

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