Can You Give Me A Short Essay On Corruption In Hindi Language?


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The question isn't well worded and is ambiguous - do you want a short essay on corruption written in Hindi, or do you want a short essay on corruption within the Hindi language? Section 3.2 of the Blurtit rules state: "It is advised that your Questions are written in good English and constitute an actual "question" with a "question mark" at the end of your query which may provide an interesting response from other users. Unfortunately, it is not the duty of Blurtit to translate text into a foreign language.

It would be inaccurate and incorrect to attempt to translate an essay into corruption. Alternatively, corruption in the Hindi language is a very specific topic and would require prior knowledge and study of the language to be able to comment. Instead I shall explain what corruption is and it can be applied to either of those question possibilities.

  • What is corruption?

Corruption is the abuse of power, status, or resources from an elected or authority position. It can involve the misuse of funds or the abuse of the law, or it can be much deeper and more of a moral corruption in terms of deeds and actions that a person condones or even participates in. Types of corruption include embezzlement (the stealing of funds), vote rigging, organized crime and bribery, to name just a few.

  • Punishments for corruption

Corruption is a severely punishable offense under the law, usually with strong jail sentences and fines. Democracies pride themselves on the transparency of their legal systems and the just behavior of their political leadership, so to find this trust in elected officials, or those who are expected to be resolute, has been broken usually results in a harsh backlash to make an example of those who became corrupt.

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