What Are Assignments?


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An assignment is an alternate name that is given to the word homework. Homework assignments mainly refers to the task that is assigned to the students by their teachers and it is meant to be completed mainly outside class or school, the more appropriate place is at home, hence it is known as homework assignment. The term homework typically refers to the work that is assigned in the primary or secondary school assignments which are very different from the college level course work. According to a research students should only be given ten minutes of homework each day all this according to their grade level. For example: - first grade student gets 10 minutes of homework per day, 3rd grade student gets 30 minutes of homework each day, 9th grade student gets 90 minutes of homework each day and so on and so forth.
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What are the significance of assignments in education. Why they are important in schools
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The word homework typically refers back to the work that's assigned however or school assignments which are not the same in the college level course work. Based on an investigation students must only get 10 mins of homework every day all of this based on their grade level.

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