I have an assignment to write a story based upon crime. I'm doing mine on the Mafia but I haven't got much knowledge on the subject. Anyone know a site I'd be able to research it or someone knowing a lot of information on it available to educate me on the basics?


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I'd start by deciding whether you want to do a report on organized crime in general (the term "Mafia" gets used quite loosely... Or whether you are referring to organized crime originating from Italy, or a specific region in Italy?)

From there, YouTube is you friend as there are a whole bunch of documentaries you can watch for free on there.

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I was talking about the Mafia's originated from Italy. Thank you so much. I didn't think about youtube.
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In that case I'd also recommend checking this map out. The mafia operates all over Italy, but these are the key areas where the main organizations came from:
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You'll find bits and pieces on many sites but I don't know of one that'll do just what you want. And, yes, I did do the search for exactly the same reason you're doing it. Or course, that was in 2010 and much more is available now.

Or, you could read The Godfather by Mario Puzo or, for sheer fantasy and entertainment, Greenmantle by Charles de Lint. Both will give you a feel for the subject and, particularly in Puzo's case, both seem very authentic.

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There are a few sites about the history of the Cosa Nostra and I think this one will help you out. I'm hoping you're talking about the Italian and Sicilian Mafia.

Origins of the Mafia - Facts & Summary -

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