Where Can I Find Free Cna Class In North Little Rock Arkansas?


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In North Little Rock Arkansas, although it would be difficult to find free CNA classes but the best way is to visit a nursing home. If your get registered with the nursing homes, they can pay for your free CNA classes.
free CNA classes
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The best way to get your self free cna training is through approaching Nursing homes like what janifer said, but you should know that when you approach nursing homes you will have to sign a contract that in return for the free cna training classes that they will pay for, you will work in there facility for a specified amount of time, this usually depends on the nursing home itself as there is no standard time frame but ideally you should be looking at 6 - 12 months, and yes obviously you wont be working for free, you will get paid. If you're interested in contacting one of these nursing homes in you area you'll get a good number of them for free cna training in arkansas here.

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