Where Can I Take A Free CNA Class In St. Petersburg, FL?


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In order to take free CNA classes in St Petersburg, Florida it will depend on your eligibility rather than the venue at which you attend the classes. Florida's Adult Education Center may offer to fund your nurse training providing that you fill out all of the paperwork so that they can assess whether full funding is possible. In most cases you will not be able to find out if you are eligible for any free training unless you go through the processes of applying. Alternatively there is often training held for free within long term care facilities and some other nursing facilities. In order to qualify for the free CNA classes you will be expected to work as a nursing assistant at one of the facilities. These facilities will then fund your CNA training. There are some scholarships and bursaries available for CNA training in Florida. These are in high demand so it is worth applying as early as possible if you want a chance of being accepted.

Within St Petersburg, Florida there are some nursing homes that offer to fund CNA training providing that you work within their facilities. These nursing homes include:

• Bay Pointe Nursing Pavilion - 4201 31st Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida 33712
• Bayfront Medical Center - 701 Sixth Street South   Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
• Golfview Nursing Home - 3636 Tenth Avenue North   Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
• Grace Healthcare Of Stp - 521 69th Ave N   Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702

For a full list of nursing homes in Florida that offer funding for CNA training, browse the state's list at To work as a certified nursing assistant in Florida you will have needed to attend a training program that is state approved and passed the certification competency exam. The state of Florida allows an individual to work for up to 120 days as a nursing assistant until the training has been completed and the test passed.

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