Where Can I Find Free Training For Cna In Lakeland Fl?


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CNA training can mean either training for a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant or as a Certified National Accountant. Either way, I'd say it's unlikely you can find training for free in the Lakeland, Florida, area but it doesn't hurt to find out.

As far as the Certified Nursing Assistant training is concerned, Central CNA offer a three-day test-prep course for $299, and they claim to be the cheapest and most efficient CNA training service in the area. You contact them on 863-937-9316 or maybe drop by their offices at Sandpiper Plaza, and see if they can be flexible regarding payment plans.

As for Certified National Accountant training, the only institution I could find offering such training in Lakeland is Keiser University, a non-profit organization, via its BA in Accounting, which it offers at several Florida campuses, including Lakeland. Contact them on 1-866-288-1781 or if you want to learn online, call 1-888-515-6247. It is possible you could win a scholarship but you would have to demonstrate a great deal of commitment beforehand to qualify.

Don't forget to check online auction sites where the books and equipment you need might be available cheaply from ex-students.

Take a closer look at Keiser University and what it has to offer by watching this film:

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