Where Can I Get A Free Cna Training In Ct?


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There are many free training courses available for Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) in Connecticut and these can be found within any town. If you want to receive free CNA training in Connecticut, then you are required to do 100 hours of training by state law. This includes classroom instruction as well as clinical training.
You can find free CNA training programs at hospitals, vocational technical schools, high schools, technical colleges, long-term care facilities and private schools throughout Connecticut. You might be able to receive scholarships and training funds, such as Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds to pay for the cost of training.
Free training programs are usually offered to individuals who agree to work as a qualified CNA for healthcare facilities after completing training. It is common for many nursing facilities to provide training programs and cover the cost of this training. Contact nursing care facilities in your local area to see what opportunities they have available and if they have free opportunities available. You should also get in touch with long-term care facilities, continuing care communities and home health agencies.
Free CNA training can also be completed online. All you need is your computer and an Internet connection to begin your training.  Depending on Connecticut’s approval of the online course you select, you might be able to complete your training online for free. Please be aware that these courses only include the classroom portion of nursing assistant training. The clinical instruction should be completed offline.
It is also useful to go directly to your state registry and they will be able to provide you with a listing of free accredited CNA training courses in your area.
Connecticut has many opportunities to get free CNA training, and you just need to be careful you have selected a course that is accredited by the state.
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Go to www.4cnas.com. This is a site which gives free listing of schools offering CNA Training programs. From this site try to get a contact details of your state registry to know the CNA training programs in your area. They will sure help you. All the best.
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Johnson Memorial Hosp. Offers free training and will pay for your State Cert exam if you do 3 mos of internship at Evergreen
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I have recently posted information about CNA Training in CT which contains information about 10 institutions that offer cna training in CT. Hope the information is useful to you.

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