Where Can I Get Free Cna Training In Arlington, TX?


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To find free CNA training in Arlington, Texas you will need to do a bit of digging and investigative work.

Perhaps a good start would be to get in touch with some nursing facilities and hospitals in the area and ask if they offer free training. Ring around and ask friends and family if they have heard about any opportunities. Also, keep an eye out in the local press, as some facilities will offer free training in exchange for the individual working some shifts. This could be mutually beneficial; as the student would be gaining some much needed work experience, while the facility would be providing care to its patients at hardly any cost.

Likewise, if the individual does end up doing well in their CNA training, they will also form important relationships with the residents and patients that will help give them a better care experience. There is a free training course at The Centre for Continuing Education and Workforce Development and you could visit the website for more information:
Although it is a fair distance away, there are also free classes at OKSU in Oklahoma. More information can be found on the website:
This website is also very useful, as it lists a registry for Nurse Aide training courses and training providers. This includes a number of facilities and nursing homes that offer free CNA training. Follow this link for more information:

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