Where Can I Find Free Cna Classes In Tacoma, Washington?


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The short answer to this question is that there will not be any free courses available.  All colleges will charge but it may be possible to get someone else to pay for the course.

If a hospital find they are short of CNAs they will agree to put people through the course.  It may be that there is a caveat to the agreement to state that there will be a need to stay in the employment of the hospital for a set amount of time.  Failure to keep to this may mean that the cost of the course needs to be repaid.

There are also nursing homes who will agree to do the same thing.  Many of the jobs are not well paid so it may be seen as the best way or the hospital or company to make sure that they have staff with the correct qualifications.

It is quite likely that there will be organization who offer grants for people taking a Certified Nursing Assistants.  It may be a good idea to talk to the Director of some of the community colleges in Washington as they will know of any grants that are available and also any others ways that may help with the costs.

If the decision is made to work in a nursing home once qualified it will be worth finding out which ones may offer support if staff take on additional training.  Details of the places who do in Washington, plus a lot of other information regarding CNA training can be found at the following website cnatrainingtips.com/free-cna-training/wa-washington
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Linden Grove in puyallup offers classes at a very low cost, after taking the class you can work for them. My dauter took the class in late summer of 08 and began working for them right after she completed the class.
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Check out the site


This website gives free listing of centers that give CNA Training programs. It is better you contact your state registry in order to know the certified CAN training program at your place. You can find the contact details of state registry from the same above mentioned site. Another option is check out your local nursing schools and hospitals they might be of great help in this regard

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