What Word Does Everyone Notice Right When You Look At This Jumble Of Letters?


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I see Barack Obama's Inaugural Address.
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Ha, are you a fan of barak obama? And I didn't even try to do that. What is is inagural address
Rena Chisholm
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Ahahahahahaaaaa, Bick's got Obama on the brain these days, Sladeh.
Very funny Bick.
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I noticed two words when I first looked at these litters Kicks and hate
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Well, right when I look at it, the word kick is the first thing I notice. :0)
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I think its a trick question.

In the question line the word "right" which I notice is noticeable, if that makes sense.lol

Or in the added jumble of letters, the word which stood out first was "exit" followed by poop kick zoo sex hate money and blurtit

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You're thinking too hard. The purpose of this is to have fun and to see what is on everyones mind. Read others comments
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I never heard the address, so wouldn't have gotten it, especially because I never listen to the addresses.

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