What Is Seven Letter Word That Uses The Letters E,a,m,c,r,o,n?


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Katie Harry answered
Hmm...that took some thinking but I came up with two:

The first word, and the most probable one, that we can make from this assortment of alphabets is 'Romance'. This looks like a valentine's puzzle! If it is not, may be you can try putting it in next year! Just to make sure if this is our word, let's do a little check:
It does have seven letters in it - Check.
It also uses all the letters given in it once - Check. :)

The other word, though I seriously doubt you would need, is a name. So, in case the seven letter word can also be a name, I would say it makes 'Cameron'. This also has seven letters in it and utilizes all the letters that have been given to us.

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