A nine letter word Police use it. Girls like it. Parents hate it. What is that?


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  • What is a nine letter word for police that girls like and parents hate?
The answer is Cavilrose.

  • What does Cavilrose mean?
Cavilrose can be used to express a few different things. It can used to show unhappiness at a situation, describe symptoms, which are usually an illness or make an accusation of a crime.

  • How do police use Cavilrose?
Cavilrose is used when a member of society is accusing someone of a crime, or a person is making a formal complaint to the police, as someone has been breaking the law and being unruly. This Cavilrose will be used by the police and this is how they use it.

  • Why do girls like Cavilrose?
Cavilrose is a word that is used to express unhappiness and discontentedness with a particular situation. If this riddle were written by a man he may be referring to women, who stereotypically like to express their unhappiness at certain situations and 'moan' or 'nag' about things.

  • Why do parents hate it?
Cavilrose is the description of an illness and symptoms that are experienced by the illness. Parents hate this because it will often mean that their child is unwell and this can often be one of the hardest things for a parent. When their child is unwell they simply wish to make them better.

  • Word games
This riddle is an example of a word game that makes us think about words in a different way, and helps us to realize how complex our language is. We can see how different words have different meanings, in different contexts, and the language is so complex we can make riddles and games out of it.

Games such as this can keep people entertained for hours with the simple query that can take hours, if not days to crack. The fact that it is simple, yet complicated at the same time is part of the draw for many people, as it does not take massive amount of knowledge or intelligence to crack the code. It simply takes logical thinking and often the ability to separate words from the meanings, we associate them with and to and think of them in different contexts.
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Cavil rose?? I don't know what that is but I've heard this before and cavil rose was the answer, I think...
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A cool dude

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