Anybody Have Any Good Story Ideas...I'm On Writer's Block?


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Well, it all depends on what genre. If you were into horror you could maybe write a story where there is mysterious murders on. The boy telling the story, could be the one murdering, but he has a mental problem and doesn't know what he is doing.
Romance. Well, basically,I'm just saying, I don't have any ideas for plain romance. But if you were wanting Romance and maybe a little murder going on, Ive got an idea. So there's this teenage girl. Her boyfriend has to move to a different town (you choose where) and the girl is like really stressed. So she gets another boyfriend. But she is sort of cheating because she hasn't broken up with the other boyfriend. Her 1st boyfriend suddenly comes to see her (unexpectedly). He finds out that she is cheating and her kills both her and the boyfriend. Your last sentence could be. 'She lay on the thick carpet, blood pouring out of her leg. He walked off, his knife, stable in his hand.'
Um mm...Kids..... You could make it quite adventurous. But make sure it isn't too much like an adventure. Maybe put in  BOISTEROUS girl or a boy who gets teased. They could run away. But then see sense and go home. I don't know.
Umm... I've got another idea (a story that I'm writing) but I'm not sure what genre. I'll tell anyway. Right so there's this earthquake and a family of 4 liv in that area. A Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister. The parents die. The brother is told that his sisters body was not found and they assume she's dead. He's know's she's alive, he can feel it. He searches for her and after many years he finds her. He is told she was adopted by a rich family. He is sure she is his sister because of the hair and eye colour. He gets his own house in the same area. The sister doesn't recognize her brother. She has no memory from before the Earthquake. So he can keep an eye on her, he attend to the same school. They become close friends, she asks him to go out with her. He refuses as she is his sister. He tells her why. She doesn't believe him. But he takes her back to there old house and she remembers some things, including that the boy is her brother.
Good Luck With Your Story. Xx
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Thanks, your ideas are very good and much appreciated and you seem very smart for your age. Well done!
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Seriously????? Ur only ten?
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Oooh ohhh! I'm currently having the same problem. But my previous idea from awhile ago was that there is a girl and she has gruesome nightmares every night. She wakes up in a frenzy of sweat and tears but instantly forgets the nightmare, however is left with maybe a cut or wound each time. This will first spark intrest in the reader's minds but then you could have a scenerio in which someone the girl knows dies. At the funeral she could spot a young girl and follow her to the nearby graveyard out of curiosity. Looking into the girl's eyes she spots some familiarity but she cannot seem to remember. You could add a suspicious character to the story as well. Possibly an eerie man on her street who gives a mysterious vibe. However as you develop the story even more, it eventualy leads to the death of the girl. You would make it clear that the girl has died, however her character would suddenly wake up the next day with no recollection of the incident. She could have various experiences involving flashbacks/ and or deja vu as she continues to be unaware of her death. As the story proceeds the girl would find some clue that reveals to her that she has died. Someone else could be in danger as well, like a younger sister for instance. In some way the girl could discover that she has died and it is her job in order to discover who killed her before the anniversery of her death approaches and she dies again. Fate could take an active role in this story by her being determined to discover her murderer and the reason she died in order to protect her family. She could be warned of her family's danger by dreams possibly or strange voices speaking to her. She could continue to see the young girl she met at the graveyard and somehow discovers it was her at the age she died. From there you could add a creative twist on the story that adds the most suspense. Thats just a start, much more could be added or taken away from it because it's probably not that good yet but I hope it works for you. (:
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Here are some ideas for stories:
1. The year 1947,  the place, Boston. Two years after the 2nd world war ended. As Lilly (or you can choose another name) is walking towards her coffee shop she and her brother own, a man comes rushing by, knoking Lilly down. He's dressed in an army uniform looking scared, nervous and glancing over his shoulder. "Whats the big rush?" Lilly yells out to this brutish looking man. The man runs back to Lilly. "You have to help me! They're after me, they're going to kill me!"
She ignores him brushing him off as some crazy guy and he follows her and seeks her help in hidding him. Later you find out that he's convinced the war is still going on and that the year is 1942. He tells Lilly that his government made a machine that can manipulate time (a time machine) and he was their test dummy. He went back to the 1800s and now managed to come back. But the government is after him because they are worried that he will tell people what they are up to. Lilly is then dragged into this fugitive lifestyle with this handsome yet dangerous man, will they be able to elude the authorities? Will a romance blossom between Lilly and the soldier? The rest is up to you.

Story idea 2. Nathan has been down on his luck for so long that now jobless, no money and nowhere to live, he has turned to petty crimes. He sees his next target. A well dressed guy in a suit, crossing the street. He was juggling his briefcase, cell phone and newspaper- he woudn't notice someone picking he's pocket for his wallet. As the suited man crosses the street so does Nathan. Out of nowhere a black car runs the suit guy down. Nathan manages to get the guy's wallet and hides down an alley. Two guys get out the black car and shoot the suited guy to make sure he's dead. Then they get back in the car and drive off. Nathan comes out of hidding from the alley and checks to see if the guy is dead, he is. Nathan then notices the black car is back and coming fast towards him. Scared, he runs off. He manages to get away from them and takes a look in the guy's wallet. He finds a piece of paper with a meeting place called the Viper Room, with a time and a name. The name is Vallitto. Then he finds a microchip and a piece of paper with the words "SS 14F Bombs" and "order 3 detonators" written on it. He struggles with his conscience, not sure if he should go to the police and have to explain why he has the dead guys wallet, tell the truth about what he saw...Then he notices the black car again....they're following him!....You think up the rest. How will he get out of this? Will this make him realise that crime dosen't pay? Does he trust anyone enough to help him?....
Story idea 3. Daniel, 22 years old, taking time out from his studies is travelling through Alaska, staying in youth centers, cheap motels exploring the beauty of Alaska. He sees a sign in a shop window offering a room and one cooked meal a day for a small fee. Daniel decided this may save him money and decides to call the number. A woman answers and she is frantic ont the other end of the line. She sounds scared and close to tears. There's trembling in her voice. She tells Daniel that she lives alone and that there is someone in her back garden and is trying to get in. Daniel tells her to call the police but she says that the town is so small that there aren't enough ploice officers and that the officer's have been called to the next town because of a murder. What will Daniel do? Will he ask her for the address and help her? Will he gather up some people from the town and ask for help? Will they get there too late?....
Hope you like my story suggestions, feel free to use them :-)
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It's the TEN YEAR OLD AGAIN. Ok. Maybe you cud write this:
A girls boyfriend has to leave to another town wen his mum get's a job. He sends her roses, with letters attached to them saying he loves her and hasn't forgotten her. But 1 day, she receives a phone call from herr boyfriends parents saying that he drowned, while surfing. She keeps getting sent flowers, but who from? It can't be him could it? No, he's dead! Right?

Or: There are two brothers. They are both sooooo addicted to video games. 1 Day They Buy A New Game. But When They Play It, It Is Not What It Was Expected To Be. Instead Of A Video Game, It Is Where The Enemies, Come Out Of The Screen.

So, your chose for Characters names. Remember there is; a teenager girl, three teenager boys, two dad's, one mother.

Sophie (THATS ME)
Elanor (Ellie)
Mattew (Matty)

Okay, good luck with you're stories. I hope my ideas are useful. (BTW THE 1ST LOT OF ANSWERS WERE BY ME, you NO THE 1'S ABOUT HOW THE TEENAGER WAS CHEATING AND THE EARTHQAUKE? THAT WAS ME!'
Well, that's all I got for now, apart from some girly kid one's I'm sure you don't want to hear about. =).



You have to sort of enjoy the sense of writing.
Make sure you are able to get into the characters mind.
Use Descrriptive Langueage.
Use Lots Of Emotions You Can Think Of.

Tripped, as I was so terrified. (Like it? I do!!)

Okay can't think of anymore so GL AGAIN HOPE you FINISH IT!!
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Well to be honest, the ten year old's is very imaginative.
I have a very big notebook and I am waiting to find a good plot.
Well, why don't you ask people what they would like to read about, and get the genre.Then you could sit with a pencil in your hand. Then ideas will probably shoot into your brain. If they don't, what are you feeling? Sad,Happy,Bored? Have the main character, say her name his Daisy, is simailar to you. She suddenly has to move to a new school and she didn't think things were going to be quite so unusual. Like it was way into the future and the teacher was a talking alien/zebra. Or the teacher drives into the classroom on a motorbike and they all go to the beach? I don't know, just some random ideas. Say it was a book set in the past, name him Charles or name her Victoria. If it is now, name him Kenny or name her Lilly. Ifit is way in the future name him Zxyck or name her MkcGzy.
Anyone at all can use all of these ideas.I am only 9!
Good luck on your book, hope it goes well!
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I think a person can only truly write something that comes from them, from their heart or imagination not from someone else. Its more difficult that way. Think of something that you can go off of then just take it from there, something that you enjoy yourself. Or it could possibly even come from an experience youve had yourself then just add to it, make something bigger out of it. I know this isn't what you asked but I'm just going to explain to you an easy way, I understand the concept of writers block..I get that from time to time but I just think about things more, day dream and I finally come up with something. Just like now, I couldnt think of anything to write and by reading that you have a writers block I've figured out something for myself. Good luck!! I hope your sucessfuly.
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If you are out of ideas for writing a story, you can count on your imagination.
For me, I have a wild and crazy imagination. And for that I daydream a lot, and I get my story ideas from there, like the story I'm writing now. It’s about this girl who gets lost in a forest, but she this cave, and in the cave in another world. She seems to be the queen of the world. She is worshiped and praised, but to her surprise, she was captured by evil demands. She is forced against her will to give up the crown, and well…that’s all I got for now. But if you don’t have a very good imagination, or you don’t daydream as much as I do you can always for things that happen in your dreams, like I wrote a story about a man who was working as a construction builder. He was in this house and found this leather book. It seemed it was a magic book. He was the one who had found it, so he got powers, like super speed and strength, and he was able to read peoples minds, and he could also brain wash people. But he decided to use his powers for bad and not good (sadly) and he was taking over the world until there was another guy. The guy also had powers, only a lot better then the original guy. So the second guy ruled the other guy and beat him up and the world is back to normal. Yes, I did have that dream as weird as it sounds, I did have that dream. But if the dream doesn’t work out either, you can also use things that happened in real life, like I wrote this story, about a guy named matt who was cheating on his girl friend. His girl friend found out and left a note on his door saying she never wanted to see him or talk to him for the rest of his life. But he got really sad, he could not take the fact that she broke up with him, so he went on this psycho rampage and got really depressed. He got so depressed that he started burning his arm, then he started stabbing himself, it wasn’t pretty but it made a great story. I'm not finished yet, the ex-girl friend finally talked to him like a month later and she brought a switch blade and a gun when she went to talk to him, she pulled the gun out on him but never shoot, (but in my story she killed him). Now I'm finish. It was a really good story, one of my best.
But when you write your story, you have to get into detail about EVER THING, the place, the people, the feelings, ever thing. And when you write, give good sentences, and don’t use the same words over and over and over again, it make the writing look sloppy and not nice, I hope you learned something. But if this didn’t help your hopeless (no offence)
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Heres a suggestion, when looking for a good idea, think of the plot line of your favorite book or show(or whatever),then mold it into your own story, and trust me, You will fail at times! Don't let that discourage you I've had like 5 books that I ended up not even getting close to finishing, and I'm writting my sixth right now. Here are some fantasy ideas: A girl(or boy) just wants a normal life, but when a new student mysteriously transfers to her school, thats imposible. Later when the new student talks to her after school he/she tell her/him that there afe four people chosen in the world who have the power over the elements fire water earth and air, and he(new student) tells her/him that the are one of the four, and that she/he(main person) has to come with new student or  a secret organization will track -main person- down and kill him/her. ((go ahead and use the idea if you like it))
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I hav an idea for a story...if you like it you can use it for your story.
In this...4 strangers meet at someone;s party who knows them all. They bcome very close....all 4 of them.
Then they start meeting oftn and gradually they bgin to realise that thy had a very strong bond btwn themslves and it turns out that all four were brothrs sisters int their last birth.
You need to setup the story...what I hav given is jst the basic concept.
Hop you lik it...:)
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You can write about your life and the issues you had to grow through as you were growing up.
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Well I think storeys are so bad because teachers always mark on spelling and things and not the cool ideas and plot line of the storey.

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