do you have any good action story ideas? i really need one because ive been suffering from writers block and its making it really hard to write a story. please help


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How about there is a hijacking on an airplane/airport or a bus or something and you tell the story starting from the end of the hijacking to when it all started from the POV of the hijacker! You could make it funny and have the victims question his motive, revealing to the audience the absurd nature of his crime. Or you could make the hijacking (you can change this hikacking idea) a small ploy to disguise a bigger scheme! Or that the person hijacking was trying to prevent another crime and it turned out wrong! Hmmm... I'm not very creative, hahah

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Yes I do ... There was once a little evil blue bird who stole a good green witch's pet spider named George... The good green witch loved her George spider with all her hearts .. She has two hearts... Not really but I just saw I pluralized heart so I guess she does , anyway .. So she had to challenge the villioness evil blue bird to a duel ... Carry that story on then but make sure the green witch wins cos I said so !!

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How about drugcartels bringing drugs into usa and having shootouts with boarder patrol to get their drugs in??

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Here's one I thought of doing years ago when a hawk almot wrecked the tourist bus I was travelling in

Prologue: Remote mountain area. Hawk hunting. Sees mouse. Swoops down. Snaffles it. Poor mouse.

Now get to the action bit. Same area, criminal holds family hostage. Does his dastardly deeds (you get to choose what they are: Robbery, murder, extortion, whatever) and makes his escape down the same road.

The same hawk is hunting, sees a rodent by the road, doesn't see the bad guy's car hurtling down the road, swoops down toward the mouse, straight through the windscreen. Driver loses control, hits tree, or rolls car, or goes over a cliff (you get to choose again).

And everybody lives happily ever after. Well, except for the bad guy. And the hawk. But one of the mice got away scot-free.

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Here is my idea:

You are in Pepi's Pizza place waiting for your pizza.  It's a bit of a dump, and very busy.  You are playing on your phone since you are alone.  The boss has come in.  He is shorter than the employees, but wide with muscle and attitude.  You've seen him before.  He speaks a Slavic language to his son.

When you look up from the phone, the boss has gone deadly pale and is staring at you.  He isn't breathing. Suddenly, he rushes out the back door and is gone.  His son drops the giant salad bowl and follows his dad. You think there is somebody behind you, but the customers at other tables have already left.  

When you look back again, the employees have stopped their work and are staring at you.  Nobody says anything.  The place is quiet, except for ______ music playing in the background.  Several employees go into the back room.

You wait a while and then go outside to see where everyone is.  They are across the street, again staring at you. The boss is standing behind his son.  They say nothing.  The light turns green, yet they don't move.  They just stare at you.

Nothing like this has ever happened to you before, so you . . . . . .

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