I Want To Write A Story Book, Novel & Movies Script, But I Don't Have Any Inspiration For It, Please Inspire Me or Provide Me Some Resources From Where I Can Get Ideas Easily?


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There are no prosthetic substitutes for inspiration.

Don't try to write if you are uninspired. Others can be your "muse," but
since they can't write it for you, they can't substitute their ideas
for inspiration on your behalf.

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Hopefully you can find this book:

Tom Laughlin's 9 indispensable writing ingredients that are always present in every hit film, and are always absent in the failures

It's out of print, but sometimes copies come up for sale online.  The ingredients are universal for all forms of storytelling.  Excellent and well researched.  It doesn't give topics, but reading it can get your creative juices flowing.

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ly fen chen answered

There are many kinds of novel, it depends what you decide to start, but you are right, writing a good story need an inspiration. So herewith i suggest some kinds of them : Fun, sadness, combat and inspection etc.

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