Hey Guys , Im Torn Between 2 Careers , I Love 2 Write , I Want To Be A Writer , I Write About Anything Tht Inspires Me But My Mum Wants Me To Become An Accountant..What Should I Do?


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BEN GREGO answered
Of course you want to be a writer!!  But do you realize how risky it is to break into writing full time, and to make money at it?
You should definitely get an education in something that you like; if it's not being an accountant, by NO MEANS go to school for that!! You will be miserable...& your mom will just have to realize that you are your own person, not hers!!

Figure out what you want to do with your life, or 'your day job' as the saying goes; you can always work at your love of writing during your offtime; and believe me, a steady paycheck will keep you from fretting and fussing over money.....life's too short for that!!
If you are college material, get into college....if you are not,as many people are not, then go to a local jr. College or that type of institution...BUT, do get an education in something YOU LIKE...then, when you get up every morning to go into whatever it is you've chosen, you will look forward to your day instead of hating and dreading it!
Trust me, I speak from experience..I am now retired, and can look back on my working years as ones where I enjoyed what I did!!.....and it makes retirement time just another part of your lovely life!! Instead of being something you are 'counting the days' and looking forward to....as some people I know have done....now that's NO WAY to live...
Enjoy your work or profession every day...then when it's time to retire, and believe me it comes sooner than you think!!! You will have just one more nice experience to enjoy!!
Sorry to be so long....I tend to do this on here!! But I wanted to give you all my thoughts on this very important subject!!
Good luck...OH you can also use vocational guidance with astrology to help you decide on your best career/profession...don't laugh....I did it and it just confirmed what I had in mind all the time...BUT if you are undecided, it will point out your strenghths and weaknesses and give you strong indicators as to what field you should get involved in...Just use a search engine, DUCKDUCKGO.COM is a good one, they DO NOT track your searches like Google does.....and enter ...'astrology vocational guidance'....there are tons of reputable sites that can help you and many will email the report right to you...for a few dollars, you can get some expert advice and guidance!!
Again, sorry for rambling on so, but GOOD LUCK and follow your heart!!!
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Addilynn All Star
Thank youu soo much! This was very helpful actually opened my eyes! But my plan B job is to become something a bit more creative..accountancy is too boring for me , i was thinking maybe Journalist? Or Physiotherapist?
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You have to be a writer. No offencce but this is your decision, not your mums. If you do be an accountant you'll regret it because you wont be dong somethig you like.
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You should do what you think you would be happiest doing, as it is your life. You could do both at first, just in case you find your talents in writting takes a while to be recognised.
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Ray Ottewell
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Your welcome Addi.:))
BEN GREGO commented
Journalism sounds good; you'd be 'in the world' of writing in one way....physiotherapist? Perhaps....but you really do not want to be an accountant!!....ask your school guidance counselor what they think..that's what they're paid for!!......
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You may think I m a fool to say this but your parents know what is best for you! I wanted to become an painter( I m like freakin interested in paintin) but now that I m 17 and stuff I realize that becoming stuff like painter etc is not easy( nor is accounted and stuff)so I listened to my mom, studied hard and now I will be going to a reely good college and will be gettin a good branch=) so I'll get a pretty good job,make pretty good money and keep up painting as hobby...I feel this will be good for me and your mom is suggesting you to become accounted because she wants your best and you to do well...=) =) but then this one is my opinion and what you shuld do now is follow YOUR heart and decide YOURSELF=)
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I would pick being a writer but you can do both write a book in your free time and be an accountant
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If you don't want to be an accountant, you don't have to...do what you want to do =)
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You have got such a great imagination and a real flare for words and only one life so do what makes you happy. Any way to work both careers in there somehow? As an accountant at least you'd have something to fall back on (Plan B).

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