I really need help starting off this story Please help?


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Well, you have to introduce the characters and the boy's problem, so start with Him having an episode, opening his eyes and seeing her then explaining what his problem is

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Once upon a time......................

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Once upon a time there was a lad named Young Hippy and a sweet-tempered, good-looking girl named Soon-to-be-Hippy's-ex and they were in love.

As they strolled through a park in the warm sunshine STBEx danced from side to side, stepping on ants and grasshoppers, and picking up stones to throw at birds...
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Sounds about right Didge. She was trying to kill birds so she could eat them.
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Bahahaha!! Mr. H is still laughing!
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The spring sunshine felt warm on Sianna's bare shoulders as she strolled through the park but the boy shuffling toward her made her feel uncomfortable. She knew boys found her attractive and was quietly pleased at the attention she normally received, but his fixed stare was unnerving.

As they drew closer together she realised that he wasn't actually looking at her but staring into space. His breathing became audible, ragged, and his footsteps began to falter. Then, when they were only an arms length apart he staggered, before starting to fall. Instinctively, she reached out to break his fall...

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Actually this was almost a personal experience.

One of my fellow commuters said that, on the train, I was staring into space but, unfortunately, the space I was staring into was right between a girl's breasts. She became uncomfortable and moved away. My friend said that when my eyes didn't follow her he realised I was in trouble and got to me just before I passed out. It was a funny old morning.
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I have mixed feelings about this answer, Didge. I am at a fork in the road in order to continue, and yet I see no clear path.....
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Not sure why you should have any feelings at all about it, Tom. It's just a (far too brief) encounter in which Sianna meets the young man in a situation that enables him to explain (to the reader) what's wrong with him.

If you were talking about my comment and the girl on the train, there's more to the story than that.

I sat down for a while before continuing through the crowded peak hour footpath on my way to the office. I was probably staggering and, undoubtedly, still staring strangely, when a guy in the crowd coming the other way, threw a punch at my face. I saw it coming and managed to sway to one side, then turned and watched him walk away. He didn't even slow down. That was in the 1980s and that punch still puzzles me.
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I've been struggling to start off this story for hours especially since I have a lil writers block going on

It's about a boy named Justin who has some rare heart disease and a girl name sianna helps him from when he's having one of his 'episodes ' one day. They soon become friends and as they grow closer Justin explains to her his past when being abused as a  child and sianna like feels bad for him and she like starts comforting him and as they grow closer she starts growing feelings.Please i just need a little head start. Not asking for much. Thanks!

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