What Is A Word More Than Four Letters With No Vowels In It?


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Unfortunately Shakelt100 is wrong, there are a number of words that are more than four letters which do not have any vowels in them.

The first is the word TRYST which is the word that meets the appointment to meet at a certain time and place, usually in secret by lovers. It's roots ate in Middle English and Old French which both have TRISTE as 'a waiting place'.

Example: The lovers met at the same hotel for their weekly tryst.

Also, a very common word indeed that has more than four letters is the word RHYTHM which amongst its meanings means movement to a tempo or beat and a pattern of regular or irregular beats in music.

A much lesser known word is SYLPH which means a slender girl or woman or a supernatural being that floats in the air!

There is an ongoing discussion regarding whether the letter Y is 'lost' vowels.
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Syzygy (pronounced siz-I-gy) is a less common word with no vowels.  It means the straight-line alignment of three celestial bodies as in a lunar or solar eclipse.
CRYPT this word doesn't have any vowels ....
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There is no word without vowels except for shh, which is in dictionaries - a phrase used to tell someone to be quiet.
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"hymns" is another one... (if we are assuming the letter "y" is a lost vowel) In this word, as well as in the ones that epictetus cites, the "y" performs the function of a vowel, so it is arguable whether any of them (or this one either) is actually a word without a vowel.
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Name your vowels:  A E I O you and Sometimes Y

So, you can omit or use this word.  ZZyzx , it's the name of a stree.

On the way to Las Vegas, you will come across a road. Zzyzx road is out on the 15, just before you get to Baker, CA, home of the Bun Boy, the Mad Greek and the world's tallest thermometer.  It is a word more than four letters but contains Y.

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