What Is The Difference Between A Regular Class And An Inclusion Class? Is There A Ratio Of Staff And Students With IEP?


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An inclusion class is a regular class with students who have disabilities and students who do not. My daughter was in an inclusion classroom because she has cerebral palsy and is learning disabled. In order to participate in a regular classroom some children with disabilities do require an aid to assist them in completing tasks, their IEP is used in the classroom and any modifications necessary for the child to participate must be provided by the school.
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For the most part inclusion is exactly what VickyH said. My mother is a Special Education teacher and is teaching in inclusion. Inclusion works only if both teachers are willing to work together. Recently there has been some hesitation on inclusion and reports for the news paper had come in the class to observe. The best part of the whole experience for my mother was when the reports couldn't point out who was the mentally challenged child. She said that when that happened that she had done her job.

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