Who Was John Whitestone?


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His real name was Guy Marks, not John Whitestone. He was given a character name to resemble an American producer, only for the purpose of the skit on that episode.

He also did the same skit on This is Tom Jones in 1970.
He's not as obscure as Bobbar would have you believe.
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John whitestone was an Irish Freedom fighter. He was also a member of LEGISLATIVE UNION with Great Britain on equal and liberal principle. His aim was to abolish those religious distinctions which have unhappily distracted Ireland.
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The John Whetstone of Leader's question, was a comedian of the 1970s who did not get much airtime, compared to the other comics who were regulars on the Dean Martin Roasts. Whitestone got a few shots on TV, the Roast appearances being the best ones, was absolutely hilarious – possibly among the funniest performers on a number of shows, and then mysteriously never surfaced again. It's too bad, I'd certainly like to see more of his stuff too! His "Indian Chief" routine was a classic and I'm glad it was captured on video during Dean's roast of Michael Landon. It's a supposed western film in which palefaces Bogart, Gary Cooper and Robert Mitchum speak to the Chief – Whitestone's impersonations are so spot-on, they're scary. Rich Little had nothing on him. When Bogart tries to speak the Chief's native tongue, Whitestone brings the house down. Dino laughed so hard he nearly choked to death, and Don Rickles had to swat him in the back twice! Own this DVD – Whitestone alone is worth the price.

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