What Were The Successes And Failures Of Reconstruction?


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Since you have not mentioned clearly,I am supposing that you are asking about the Reconstruction Phase after Second World War. When Germany was defeated in 1945, the allied forces decided to reconstruct the region.The allied forces include United States and Russia also, who joined the camp just to achieve their aims but they had reservations about each other's intentions. The achievements of this Phase were that the allied forces joined together so as to defeat the aggressor, Hitler and it was a good sign to observe this unity against the oppression.

This was an indication that countries of the world will jointly suppress those forces, which will be a threat to their sovereignty, but as far as the failures are concerned the development in this phase had to face a lot of hindrances, as there was an atmosphere of distrust among the allied forces. This resulted in non-co-operation from the countries. For example Stalin, the President of Russia blamed the allies that they deliberately delayed the arrival of their forces to help so that Germans could gain control of Russian land. Russia also had some reservations over the establishment and structure of United Nations. Stalin also demanded the Russian share in setting the boundaries of Poland and Germany. The German land was divided into four administrative Zones and these were divided among the allies. Russian Zone was nearer to Berlin, as Berlin was kept aloof from this zonal system.

Russia wanted a strict policy for Germans, as they feared that it might again get stronger and attack Russia. Russians also boycotted the Marshall Plan. These were the circumstances that lead to Berlin-Blockade. When Russians tried to squeezed allied forces out of Berlin by cutting all road and rail communications, blaming that they are spying against the Russians. The allied forces had to use helicopters to supply the aids to these Zones in 1948. Russians also refused to be a part of Nato Forces in 1949.In this way the relations between the two super powers of the world remained in deadlock fro a long time.

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