What Is The Importance Of Visual Aids In A Presentation?


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Using visual aids can make a presentation more interesting and effective. When an audience can both hear and see what you are saying, they are more likely to retain the information. Visual aids not only focus attention, they reinforce your words. In an oral presentation the speaker faces numerous people with their eyes on him or her. Hence, he/she has no time to look through the notes. Visual aids are a great assistance to the speaker as well as to the audience. These serve to allow the speaker to remember all the important points and stay on the track. Moreover, people retain visual part of the information from graphs and tables far better than listening to someone explain the results, conclusions, etc. The visual aids must be appropriate.
The choice of visual aids may be made from:

--Overhead projector (OHP).
--White board.
--Samples or objects.

All of the above mentioned visual aids can be used in accordance to type of environment and venue of presentation. Nowadays there are some more advanced visual aids available like digital white board that convert ordinary white board into interactive computer desktop.
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There are several keys to a strong and effective presentation .These include your
the way you dress, your speaking style ,the manner in which you keep your audience
involved se of visual aids like overhead projectors, flip charts, posters etc and the
list goes on. Good public speaking skills along with the use of visual aids results in
delivering an effective and strong presentation.

The idea of using visual aids is only to enhance your presentation .Visual aids are
used to reinforce your message .They aid to clarify the complex points in your
presentation .The most important factor in being a presentation to be effective and
successful is audience involvement .Visual aids help to involve your audience in
the presentation .It is usually observed that one gets bored hearing the continuous speech of a person for a while. As we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, the combination of words and images increases the audience understanding and retention level. Thus, usage of visual aids is very important factor which contributes to the success of a presentation.

Different types of visual aids used in a presentation are Overhead Projectors, Flipcharts and posters, Videotapes, Multimedia, Handouts etc.
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The usages of visual aids are very important in the team presentations. Finally the visual aid in team presentations should look consistent. Use the same color coding for example blue for all main headings throughout. Use the same typeface and type size. In many team presentations one member is assigned to handle the visual aids changing the overhead transparencies. For instance this method can work very smoothly however you risk having that one team member look like an assistant or subordinate. Another method is to have each member take a turn handling the visuals. This method demands more rehearsal of it is to work smoothly.

To put together a team presentations that coherent in its organization, its transition between speakers and its visual aids the team must meet as a group to structure the presentations, to discuss visual aids and to divide up speaking responsibilities. The group should also rehearse together. Normally group presentations involve at least two rehearsals. In a dry run rehearsal run through what you will say how you will provide transitions and what visual aids you will use. Later a full dress rehearsal will allow you to perfect your delivery and flow. Two final words of warning about team presentations.
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The purpose of presentation is to teach some or provide information regarding any topic. Every person has different level of learning. Some people understand the things quickly. As soon as someone tells any thing, they understand the point. Some people require that the presenter repeat the topic. Sometimes the topic includes the new ideas or new technology then the people cannot understand the topic with ease. As it is said that a picture is worth of thousands of words and a video is worth of hundreds of pictures.    In this situation the visual aids play an important role. We can use multimedia projectors or over head projectors for this purpose. For example we are giving a presentation to a company about the newly launched product. The participants will be well aware about the product if the visual aids are used i.e. The pictures about the product, the process of the product .    The simulation of any process is the main achievement. If we are telling the students about atomic process then the visualization of this process will deliver great learning.    Visual aids save our time, which we spend to discuss about any new ideas. Visual aids provide exact picture about any concept.

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