What Are The Strength And Weaknesses Of Different Types Of Visual Aids In Different Presentations?


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Most commonly used visual aids are overhead projector, slides, multimedia, charts, blackboard, white board, handouts and digital white board.
Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Handouts are useful when large amounts of data are to be conveyed, while for small amounts of data, transparencies, slides, flip charts, and white board can be employed. Similarly, transparencies or slides are handy for presenting graphs, lists, sketches, key words etc. when some permanent features are to be displayed on different occasions, slides or assistance of computer software may be more beneficial. Samples can be shown for objects.
Computer-based presentation programs, such as Power Point, are a wonderful tool. These and other similar programs are good for organizing the presentation. They can be used to create visuals such as slides and transparencies and even project them during the presentation.
The speaker must be familiar with the equipment to be used. It must be checked ahead of time to ensure that it is in working order. In most cases, overhead projector (OHP) is useful.

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