How To Write An Acknowledgement For English Project?


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An acknowledgment in the creative arts and in scientific papers is a statement thanking the various people and organizations that assisting in the work being conceived and completed. It is usually informal and it is placed at the beginning of published books and writings. In English projects, it is most often a work that is given to a student near the end of the semester and has a large role in the grade the student will receive in the course as a whole.

A proper acknowledgment should begin with a general salutation and thanks for everyone who had a part in helping a work be produced. Those individuals and organizations that had the most direct roll in the project should be named and thanked individually and cited for their specific contribution. If this work is being published on a national or regional scale it is normal for the author to thank their parents and any teachers that had a profound effect when they were growing up.

For an English project it is very likely that the author got feedback and other assistance from their English teacher. If this is the case it is very important to acknowledge any contributions they have made and thank them as it certainly could not hurt your grade in the end. Wrap up the paper by again thanking everyone who had a hand in assisting you and a small preview of what the work has to offer to readers is a good enticement to encourage them to read on and enjoy the project you have produced.

It's OK to use humor in your acknowledgment and a light and cheerful tone as a whole is a rule of the practice. Make sure not to leave out anyone who may have played even the smallest part in helping you to achieve your goal.
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Acknowledge means to acknowledge ,i.e, to thank someone.    So just start with,  I have had suggestions to improve this project from number of my friends.  I thank x y z blablabla and just go on like that

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