What Are The Negative Effects Of American Attacks On Iraq?


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American attacks on Iraq have many negative effects on the Iraqi nation. The peace situation of the country has been destroyed. There is fear in everyone's heart. No one is save there in Iraqi cities.We daily listen about the terrorist acts which are going on in Iraq. So in short it has many negative effects.

Many countries for their personal interest harm humanity in general. As far as the American troops in Iraq are concerned, they influenced the Iraqi people's lives in many ways.
First of all, Iraq was facing sanctions but that was a very peaceful nation. You know young girls of age 10 could be seen on the roads of Iraq and in its street walking without any bodyguard. That was a blessing for Iraqi people.

But the situation has changed now. Everyone is frightened with the current situation in the Iraq. There is anarchy in the Iraq. Peace has been destroyed. Now you can not see the people walking on the roads without any fear of danger. I hope this situation will get better soon. And I pray for this and I advise you to pray for it as well.
I think this answer is enough to comment on the present situation of Iraq.
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It's a very nice question and we have discussed a lot about it and it is still under severe criticism. I think by attacking Iraq with out any solid proof America has really made the world against it, not only Muslims but also Americans, especially families of the soldiers that have been killed or those who have been disabled for the rest of their lives.
On both the innocent people have been killed and this game is still on. Moreover America has created a great deal of hatred amongst Muslim world. America not only has lost many young soldiers but also a lot of money, which in other case would have been spent on social reforms in the country.
So using power by no means they can fight terrorism and can not eliminate it unless they find out the root causes of it. America has to address the root cause of this terrorism. With out this they cannot win their war against terrorism.
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I think this was a very thoughtful answer. Yes, the entire world must understand and address the root causes of terrorism. And we must all work toward greater peace for ourselves, for our children, and for future generations.

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