How Was The Spanish Cession Acquired?


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History bears witness to a number of invasions and designs on territorial expansion throughout the world, at different times and by different empires. The incessant need to prove oneself or the nation more powerful and the drive to fulfill personal ambition has always tempted man to seek more and exploit lands, people and cultures.

The Spanish Cession refers to the inclusion of all the land that makes up present-day Florida and parts of present-day Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The land was originally given to the United States of America within the Adams Onis Treaty. This treaty was the outcome of the invasion of Spanish Florida by Andrew Jackson. However, this was transpired without the approval from the president, James Monroe. The Spanish people were helpless and could not defend their colony, the reason being that they were trying to suppress the local rebellions in their South American colonies. The Spanish therefore ended up signing off the territory to the United States of America in exchange for a mere five million dollars!. The Spanish Cession includes the lands of West and East Florida. Sad, but true, the inability of the Spanish to defend their land due to internal disharmony actually led to the Spanish Cession.

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